Highly specialised craftsmanship

Stage costumes are dreams made of fabric.
Our profession is to make these dreams come true.


The centrepiece of our workshops is the ladies' and men's tailoring department. Here we create elaborate stage costumes as well as customised haute couture according to your ideas. Our tailors have specialised knowledge and are well versed in ancient craft techniques that are no longer taught today. There is hardly a costume wish that our colleagues cannot fulfil. We make almost anything possible.
Our modern and efficient workshops have knowledge that goes back 200 years - "Viennese excellence". Our employees preserve theatre-specific craftsmanship techniques that hardly exist anywhere else in the world. The international purchasing department maintains worldwide contacts and is able to fulfil any special material request.


Our employees are also proven experts in the field of white sewing, a specialised area of tailoring that is no longer taught in this way today. This involves the first layer on the body, those garments made of elasticated material that are worn directly on the skin, such as delicate leotards, bodysuits and ballet costumes.


Our milliners don't just make hats, they conjure up headdresses of the highest quality. They don't just work with classic materials such as felt and feathers. They also use ultra-modern materials, which are mainly used in orthopaedic technology, to model any desired shape.
A customised shoe lasts a lifetime and fits like a glove. Artists need to be able to perform on stage with a firm footing, even when it comes to unusual footwear. Our shoemakers ensure the perfect STAGE.

Shoe service from a master craftsman for you too

Our shoemaking services are also available to private individuals. Just drop by and benefit from the skills of our experienced colleagues.

You can find our shoemaker's shop here: Hanuschhof
Goethegasse 1
1010 Vienna

in the passage to the 3rd courtyard, lift 4th floor, right to the shoemaker's shop.


Painting, patinating, colouring - these are all techniques that are used in our costume painting department. Our colleagues enhance fabrics with delicate paintings or find exactly the desired colour tone. But they also make costumes "look old", soiling or destroying them professionally.
Our jewellery department produces beautiful jewellery, crowns and rhinestone trimmings for costumes. Special guidelines apply to jewellery for theatre and ballet costumes - every stone and every pearl must be doubly secured to prevent accidents caused by falling parts on stage and to ensure that every movement of the artists can be safely followed.
Would you like to get your hands on a piece of this craftsmanship?

In our flea market you will find costumes and accessories from the past 60 years at bargain prices! Many items for as little as € 5,- /0,5 kilo. Register, drop by and browse!
to the flea market
Customers of the ART for ART costume workshops include the Metropolitan Opera New York, the Zurich Opera
Zurich Opera, the Madrid Opera, Artevent by André Heller and many others.
Wiener Staatsoper
Kameliendame - costumes
Wiener Staatsoper
L'Orfeo - Costumes
Volksoper Wien
La Cage aux Folles - Costumes
Wiener Staatsballett - Volksoper Wien
Costumes for the New Year's concert 2022
Volksoper Wien
Vivaldi - the fifth season
MediaLane Niederlande
Diana & Zonen
Do you have a costume project waiting to be realised?
Barbara Pfeiler (lead) &
Stephanie Freyschlag (artistic lead)
ART for ART Theaterservice GmbH
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1010 Vienna
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