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ART for ART Theaterservice GmbH stands for creative work behind the scenes of festivals and performances in the arts and culture sector.
Templates are needed for convenient and proper structuring of web site pages. With the help of quick manipulations, you can imagine what your future site will look like and, if necessary, quickly change or modify it.
Stage design
An excellent option to show the client a ready and quick prototype of the future site, which will make your client loyal to you and your work. It is always necessary to have on hand a great tool or templates for prototyping sites.
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We not only produce costumes and stage decorations, we also take care of their professional storage and the corresponding logistics.
Rental & Storage


Experience in such difficult areas as concept development, planning, construction management, operational management, maintenance of security systems and internal system analyses.
Facility technology

Event location

Enjoy the enchanting atmosphere of Europe's largest artist's studio - for your event in the heart of Vienna.
Event location
PROJECT Highlight
Making of Pegasus 2019
This imposing Pegasus with a wingspan of 10 metres and a weight of 500 kilos hovers above the Advent Market at the Spanish Riding School. It was created by the ART for ART decoration workshops.