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Theatre/art/crafts between tradition and modernity.
ART for ART Theaterservice GmbH
Goethegasse 1
1010 Vienna
T +43 1 51444-0
With Europe's largest decoration workshops and costume workshops that are in demand worldwide, ART for ART is a household name as a service company for the Austrian Federal Theatres. We stand for craftsmanship in the best tradition and at the same time endeavour to provide our services with state-of-the-art technology and high cost efficiency. A claim that we always strive to fulfil.

ART for ART sees itself as a service company and, in addition to costume and set production, takes on central tasks in building management, takes care of logistics and storage, maintains its own costume fund and acts as a group-wide competence centre for ticket sales and digital technologies. We ensure that all processes run smoothly behind, below, beside and away from the big stages.

Our main customers are primarily our own stage companies - the Vienna State Opera, the Burg and Akademietheater and the Volksoper Wien. We also offer our services to external customers. Our core business is the outfitting of operas, theatre and ballet performances, films and festivals. Our catalogue of services also includes the furnishing of major events, interior decorations for top restaurants and hotels as well as the conception, planning and implementation of construction and renovation projects.


The advantage for our customers lies in the possibility of having complete productions made by a single company. Our workshops combine all current production methods, the corresponding know-how and decades of experience in the decoration of theatre and opera productions - all from a single source. Austria's largest decoration workshops unite all trades under one roof: metalworking, scenery painting, carpentry, sculpture and upholstery.

We manufacture entire productions, from shoes and hats to fine jerseys and large gowns, in our costume workshops. International designers appreciate the cooperation with highly qualified, specialised and experienced ART for ART employees in the ladies' and men's tailoring, fashion, shoemaking, white sewing, costume painting and jewellery making departments. Our purchasing department can fulfil almost any special material request.

As a specialist for theatres, ART for ART offers planning services, project management and construction management for extensions and conversions in the areas of structural engineering, air conditioning, electrical and stage technology. Special attention is paid to energy saving.


We attach great importance to preserving the knowledge of the old and almost forgotten theatre craft that only very few still master - "Viennese excellence". Our employees sometimes master production techniques that are no longer taught today. This makes it all the more important for us to preserve this cultural heritage and pass it on to our young employees, while at the same time not foregoing modern techniques. So that future generations can also be offered world-class stage experiences. We are happy to take on this challenge!


ART for ART Theaterservice GmbH is 51.1% owned by Bundestheater-Holding, while the remaining 48.9% is owned 16.3% each by the three stage companies - Vienna State Opera, Burg- und Akademietheater and Volksoper Wien. With a total of around 380 employees, ART for ART operates the costume and decoration workshops, the costume store, the scenery store, takes care of ticket sales and customer information as well as building management throughout the Group and is a central service provider in the area of digital technologies. ART for ART also operates logistics throughout the Group and handles all transport. In addition to the stage companies of the Austrian Federal Theatres, these services are also offered to external partners worldwide.

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