Diana & Zonen - world premiere of the musical about the love and suffering of Princess Diana and her sons.

The Dutch production company MediaLane recently premiered the musical Diana & Zonen at the DeLaMar Theatre in Amsterdam. To our delight, ART for ART was entrusted with the production of the costumes. This is our second collaboration with MediaLane after "Hello Dolly". The wardrobe of the Princess of Hearts, who died far too young in 1997, set standards, and some of her outfits and those of her later daughters-in-law have since achieved cult status. The award-winning costume designer Yan Tax has now brought some of them to the stage. In addition to many of these style-defining ensembles, our costume workshops also created a replica of young Diana's gorgeous wedding dress based on his designs, which was patinated, i.e. professionally soiled and destroyed, in our colour kitchen immediately after completion. The COVID-related lockdown made many processes more difficult, but the final fittings could then take place on site in Amsterdam. We wish the ensemble every success and hope the musical goes on tour around the world soon!

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