Tom Morris' production of Claudio Monteverdi's L'Orfeo at the Vienna State Opera was both a great pleasure and a challenge for our costume workshops.

The intricacy and individuality of the costumes challenged all departments equally. Anna Fleischle's wonderful costume designs offered a wide range of materials and colours. Every single costume for the members of the choir was customised. Many knitted pieces were specially made. A special feature of this production was that each individual costume was made in duplicate: colourful, flowery and airy pieces for the upper world were sewn according to the same design in melancholy blue and black for the underworld. Wounds and tears were embroidered with red Swarovski stones. Fairytale headpieces made of feathers, antlers, flowers, butterflies and wool were created in the fashion studio. A wonderful attention to detail that adds to the very special charm of this L'Orfeo, also in combination with the intricate stage design.

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