Replacement of the seating on the ground floor and installation of a new air conditioning system

In summer 2021, the most extensive construction work in the Burgtheater since the end of the Second World War began under great time pressure due to postponements caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The renovation work was carried out and supervised by our colleagues from ART for ART building services. The entire underfloor in the auditorium was dismantled, a new steel structure was installed, a completely new ventilation system with a new, ultra-modern and environmentally friendly air conditioning system was installed and the entire seating on the ground floor was renewed. The new chairs offer greater comfort, more legroom and better sightlines to the stage. The new ventilation system, which extends into the neighbouring castle garden, now guarantees a pleasant indoor climate even on hot days. The ultra-modern system also significantly increases the energy efficiency of the Haus am Ring.

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